The Scariest Animal Attacks of the ’00s!

Okay, so aside from being very scary, and potentially very dangerous, there’s also something really funny about the taxidermied moose head that fell on 32-year-old Raina Kumra during a night out at Manhattan’s White Slab Palace early this fall. According to New York‘s Daily Intel, Kumra is now suing the owners of the Lower East Side drinking den for being “grossly careless,” which makes sense, you know, because they hung a 150-pound stuffed animal cranium above a packed house of drunken dancers. All of this got us to thinking — terribly, terribly insensitive segue alert — about the five scariest animal attacks of 2009!

Charla Nash. This has to be the most tragic animal attack in recent history. When Nash, a 56-year-old woman from Connecticut, was attacked by a 200-pound chimpanzee, she lost both hands, an eyelid, both eyes, her nose, and lips.

Great White Shark. Australia’s “monster shark,” an estimated 20 feet in length, nearly bit a 10-foot Great White in half.

Unidentified Golfer. A 70-year-old golfer from South Carolina reaches in to a pond to recover a ball that rolled too closely to the water hazard, and his arm is ripped off by a 10-foot gator. Talk about a handicap!

110-pound Mountain Lion! In 2004, after attacking and killing cyclist Mark Reynolds in Orange County, California, the predatorial mountain lion went after a second victim, unsuccessfully. The cat was later put down.

Those YouTube Lions! Whatongod’sgreenearthsigoingonhere?

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