The Return of Bryan Rabin @ Diamond Dogs

imageBryan Rabin, the Hollywood promoter behind the much-loved party Club Cherry, which closed in 2001, is back. “I’m coming out of retirement,” he told us at Telekinesis the other night. Sporting a long-haired do worthy of Joey Ramone, he handed us a large black flyer bearing the image of a Roxy Music cover on one side, and the name of a David Bowie song on the other.

The party’s called “Diamond Dogs” and opens tonight at H. Wood. He’s working with Ian Cripps and Kelly Cole (he of the Black & White bar in NYC and the long-closed, infamous Spy), and he’s got a list a mile long of fabulous types attending, including, he said, everyone from editors at W magazine to Hollywood people to “pure fools.”

Indeed, he’s got everyone — from former Squeezebox mastermind Michael Schmidt to LA Weekly scribe Lina Lecaro to club kid escapee James St. James to B. Akerlund — on his invite.

“Hey,” I said, pointing to a name I recognized: life coach to the stars and occasional “Charm School” lass T.C. Conroy, who, as it happens, was my guest for the evening. “I know her.”

She leaned in and said, “Pure fool.”

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