The Prodigy Smack Us Up

You Slept On It: There was a moment, sometime between 11 p.m. and midnight last night where I found myself thinking, “How old am I again?” That’s because I was at the Hollywood Palladium, listening to ear-splitting music from the Prodigy, who did a good job of reminding me of my old raver days. I am now old and cranky, was not on any substances, and boy was it loud. But by the time they played “Smack My Bitch Up,” my cold, dark heart warmed just a bit.

The Prodigy — touring behind their newest record, Warrior’s Dance — prove that techno, or at least the most macho, rock and roll form of it, is not really dead. They filled the 4,000-person venue effortlessly, and I even saw Lady Sovereign wandering the V.I.P. section amongst glowstick-wielding concertgoers who were clearly in search of nostalgia. (They got it.)

Later, we went backstage, which was more muted than our past visits to backstages the world over. For one thing, the only substances abused were legal (ciggies and alcohol). For another, we spotted soy milk on the table. It suited me just fine, since I’m old.

Don’t Sleep On It: I found some stuff for you to do this weekend.

Daytime: Don’t miss the LACMA MUSE Artwalk on Saturday, which has 20 participating galleries along Miracle Mile from 12 to 8 and is followed by an afterparty at the El Rey.

Nighttime: Friday night, Tiga and James Murphy pair up for a night of post-disco dancing at Avalon. Murphy has been in L.A. for the past few months working on his new record, so this is almost like a local gig.

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