The Oak Bar Patents First Mel Gibson Cocktail

Leave it to a place as classy and legendary as the Oak Room to be the second party after Oksana Grigorieva to cash in on Mel Gibson’s fury. In a very simple but effective bid for attention, someone at that bar at the Plaza decided to name a cocktail The Mel Gibson. They’re calling it a bi-polar, which is putting it kindly. The irony that alcohol is what got Mel where he is today is not lost on us, but what the hell, these tapes are something to celebrate! The recipe to getting as drunk as Mel Gibson on Mel Gibsons is after the jump.

For a foundation, the bar chose Van Gogh Vodka (he’s bi-polar, too, get it?) and then followed that up with Bols Genever Gin, Vermouth, Club Soda, and Cocktail Onion Juice. It’s an unspectacular cocktail. But the good news is, they’re charging $19 for it, which means you’d have to be a real psychopath to get it. How fitting.

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