The New Fête: Brunching at the Hurricane Club

Brunching isn’t exactly a seasonal activity, but there is something about brunching in the colder months that feels just right. In summer. one is more inclined to productivity with full days of sun—to go for a bike ride, head to the beach—so it’s easy to keep the boozing to a minimum. When winter rolls around, you basically surrender to the short, darkening days, a carte blanche, if you ask me, for boozier brunches, sans motivation. It’s practically our ancestral right. Which is why it’s smart that the good party-planners of NYC have caught onto the success of the long-running brunches that blow up over the winter at Bagatelle, Day & Night, and the newbie, Lavo, to ensure they draw a primo guest list. Case in point: Creative Time Comics: A Celebration Of The Here And Now held at the Hurricane Club last Saturday. Event photos and anti-freeze cocktail menu after the jump.

image Waris with a man and his monkey (in pocket, right)

The Party People: Hosted by Waris Ahluwalia, Hope Atherton, and Leelee Sobieski, the brunch hosted over 300 people dressed in island gear. Perks: Chocolate fondue, free comic books, nerding out over your secret—or not so secret—cartoon hero.

image The funny thing is I just saw both these girls at Death & Co. mere hours earlier.

The Hurricane Club Why it should be a great brunch/lunch spot: Getting drunk all day while on vacation is okay, and you’ll feel good about doing the same when the decor is as tropical as the drinks. Cocktail recommendations: Under their expertly-named “Boat Drinks” selection, #16 is a traditional cocktail served as a welcome drink in the tropics during Christmas, made with hibiscus and Cristal ($12). If you take your tropical vacays with a side of rum, go for #58 ($12), which combines Brugal Dark rum and banana and lime, garnished with a bit of mint. Best of all: the tiki mug in which it’s served.

image Tiki man via image

(Images by Alex Mora Via)

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