The Lonely Island Talks ‘SNL’ After-Parties

On “After Party,” an adrenaline-fueled, Santigold-assisted club burner from The Lonely Island’s sophomore album, Turtleneck & Chain, a mock-serious Andy Samberg raps, “After the club it’s the after-party/ And after the party it’s the hotel lobby.” As far as boasts go, R. Kelly got there first. But since this is the Lonely Island, this also happens: “And after that I have a full relapse/ And lose my hand in a game of craps.” As SNL regulars, Samberg and his partners in rhyme, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, know how fast an after-party can get messy.

“I don’t think I remember where a single one of them was,” says Samberg of the sketch comedy institution’s legendary post-show celebrations, which typically begin at a restaurant near its Rockefeller Center headquarters. A timeline, according to Schaffer: “The main after is at a restaurant, then there’s an after-after at, say, The Cabin Down Below, and occasionally there’s a kind of sad, after-after-after.” Sad, maybe, but each of them has made it to the bitter end a few times. “I’ve been to probably three or four this year,” says Samberg. “It’s bad news. You wake up at sundown on Sunday, then sleep for six more hours, and get up and go to work.” Then, in his best bro impersonation, Samberg says, “I guess you can say it’s, like, a rock-star lifestyle!”

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