The Hangover, Atlantic City Style

I’m buying two Greyhound tickets to Atlantic City to check out The Water Club at AC’s famous Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa. As we exit the city, the last billboard catches my eye: an advertisement for a nightclub at Caesar’s in AC called Dusk, with a headline that reads “DJ AM presents Dusk” Sort of a glum way to kick off a trip, though part of the motivation for the pilgrimage is to catch the Blink 182 reunion tour at the Borgata. As we all know, Travis Barker and DJ AM were the survivors of a plane crash in 2008. Point is … might be time to update the billboard.

The Accommodations The Water Club was damn fine. Not a Bellagio kind of fine, but like a Bellagio in AC kind of fine. It’s a boutique hotel and spa that hosts what is probably the only gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean and nearby marina. Perks ● The rooms are sexy, with a shower the size of Tyra Banks’ ass. ● Guests sporting a Sopranos jersey was the first thing witnessed coming off the escalator. Dining First stop, dinner at the Japanese “pub” Izakaya. I don’t know how they do things in Japan, but at the Water Club a pub means delicious food, sleek design, and no local drunks to be seen (besides myself of course). The Food ● Wasabi dumplings, which was something you’d expect from a contestant on Top Chef, and not one that gets cut in the first round. ● Edamame dumplings, a Disney-fied take on modern Japanese cuisine.

After we scoped the scene and had our food and drink, we were off to the see Travis Barker hit things, along with his bandmates. The concert space at the Borgata reminded me more of a conference hall than a concert hall. I was half expecting Tony Robbins to come out on stage to help me take back my life. The kids didn’t seem to notice, or were too drunk to care about the drab carpeting, so I guess the room was a success. At this point I am sufficiently intoxicated, and I’m thinking that Travis Barker is probably one of the best drummers in the world, and in sobriety I would still agree. I know there are two other guys in the band, but it’s really the Travis Barker show. The after-party happens to be Mario Lopez’s birthday at mur.mur, a quintessential Jerz club, but its state-of-the-art sound system sets it apart from most and attracts top DJs like Samantha Ronson, who happens to be spinning for Lopez’s special occasion. While I sat wondering what Ronson and Lopez had in common, the girl laid down some tracks … or something that makes me sound like I know what I’m talking about. She seemed rather robotic up there and not like she was having too much fun. The hopeless romantic in me hoped it was because a pain-kied out Lindsay Lohan was missing in action. Between vodka drinks we played a few hands of blackjack and pulled some slots, entertained by the huge faction of Philly folks with a dash of Staten Islanders … who knew they could travel this far? In the end, we did not get to give Mario’s chest a raspberry; we didn’t even get a bite of Mario’s cake adorned with a photo of his bulging chest. We did, however, get some Just Cavalli swag, which means the mission of total AC cultural immersion was successful.

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