The Dish: Death by Chocolate Ribs at Kittichai

You’ve had Little Italy in the Upper East Side, slurped down the best soup dumplings, tried Ethiopian, Australian, South African, and food from Timbuktu. Even the wackiest noodle bars don’t excite. You’re either PMSing, or you have what I like to call Mennui—food borne boredom or general lack of interest in eating out. In either case, it’s a good idea to head to Kittichai at 60 Thompson, where their Chocolate Baby Back Ribs might satisfy your languor with delectable, interesting, fall-off-the-bone meat, and the sweet and salty chocolate sauce might satisfy that whole PMS thing that’s plaguing you.

What: Chocolate Baby Back Ribs Where: Kittichai (Soho) Ideal Meal: For bitchy girls in need of a chocolate fix, manly men in need of something slightly sweet (especially if their GF is one of the aforementioned bitchy girls). Because: When you need to feel sexier, when you have out-of-town pals who are slightly more in the know than most, when you need a quiet spot for you and your beau, when you need to drink cosmos and wear high heels with your gal pals with a low to medium level of sceney pretentiousness. Tastes like: If sweet and salty trail mix was a rib covered in melty chocolate sauce. Bottom Line: Works as either a main or as an appetizer, and, considering chocolate cures everything, $25 for a tasting menu is a steal.

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