The Burj Khalifa Is Now an Accomplice to Murder

Poor Tom Cruise. Until now, he was the one to have pulled the ballsiest stunt ever associated with the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Not anymore. As ardent followers of all things Burj Khalifa (to us, it will always be the Burj Dubai), from it’s not-so-humble beginnings and onwards, we report with great sadness that the world’s tallest building is now an accomplice to murder.

Reports indicate that earlier today a man performed the first recorded suicide at the Burj, leaping from the 147th floor of the 209-level building. His trip was cut short, however, when he landed on a terrace on the building’s 108th floor. Bummer. Not much additional information is available, but apparently the man worked at a company housed inside the building and was recently refused a holiday request.

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