The Black List: Alexa Chung

Oh, it’s on all right. MTV canned her talk show late last year, but don’t expect Alexa Chung to take the news lying down. We asked the model, television host and indie fashion goddess — who recently teamed up with Madewell to design her debut clothing line — to purge her angst with a list of things she simply cannot abide.

1. I hate that bad reality TV is so incredibly gripping. 2. I hate online bullying. Those little comment boxes can brim with the most vicious, acidic and pointless remarks. 3. That I have a far-from-pretty voice. This, coupled with the fact that karaoke is basically my favorite activity, makes for some very sad evenings. 4. That I can’t seem to work out my shoe size in America. In England, I’m a size 6. (Yes, I’ve tried an 8.) 5. Surprise encounters. I immediately turn red when I bump into someone I wasn’t expecting to see. 6. Meat. 7. A lot of the music that dominates the charts. 8. Bad manners. 9. When people talk about The Wire beyond season one. I haven’t finished it yet! 10. That I’ve already read Lolita for the first time.

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