The Aviary


955 W Fulton Market Chicago IL60607
(312) 226-0868

There are cocktail lounges and then there is The Aviary. The next time those cocky friends from New York, LA, or even London come to Chicago, this is how you wow them. You’ll meet up front, where you’ll find the best views of the “sous-chefs” (a.k.a. bartenders) in action. To be sure you don’t get in their way, there’s a cage-like partition, letting you gawk with abandon as the pros whip up revolutionary cocktails that go far beyond the typical Manhattan or Old Fashioned. Opt for a la carte and you’ll enjoy a combination you’ve never tried before, like the mole, pistachio, mango, orange, and rum that join together to make a Five-Timers Club. After show-and-tell is over, head to a table in the cushy lounge for the real show. Servers “build” even more fascinating cocktails right before your eyes, and there’s no telling what theatrics to expect, so be sure to have your camera at the ready to Instagram the result. If you need a little sustenance, you’ll find the food as inventive as the drinks, like a foie gras Snickers bar. Strike up a rapport with the GM and your gang might get invited to join the revelry in the secret underbar, The Office. You’ll find this space more traditional than The Aviary, so go ahead and schmooze it up with the bartender and get those shots lined up. Make it whiskey, because The Office’s stash is one of the best in the Windy City.
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Photograph by John
Edited by BlackBook

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