Swervewolf: Purveyors of the Brand-Newest in Pulperías and Pop-Up Bars

Bars should either be super old, like the Ear Inn, or super new, like that Swervewolf Pulpería spot down in Tribeca. Have you been? It’s the bidness. Just opened a few weeks ago, and you should definitely go. Oh wait, it actually closed last week. Let’s go drink mind erasers at Katrinau instead – you know, that new Cajun-Polynesian cocktail bar in Inwood. I think it opened 8 seconds ago, making it new and exciting. Shall we?

You, the website-reading public, and New Yorkers in general, really like new things. As do we, especially when she’s in town for the weekend from Rio and heading home on Monday. But when it comes to going out, people have very short attention spans. Which explains why sites such as this one are constantly on the hunt for the latest and greatest spots. The public demands it.

Swervewolf, the organization I’m mixed up with (think Scientology with more money meets North Korea without a sense of humor), cannot and would not compete with BlackBook in this field. This is due to a very real fear of BlackBook overlord Chris Mohney, as well as the fact that I don’t remember half the places I go to, making writing about them that much harder. So I’ve decided, in the name of all things new and novel, to create temporary venues lasting for a brief and intense period of time. This is my promise to you, the now-loving public.

To that end, fresh off our rosé dome in Burningwolf, we set up Pulpería de Don Swervewolf, the 12 day pop-up in Tribeca loosely anchored around Fashion Week. The goal was to replicate a pulpería, those Argentine Pampas watering holes of yore that featured old Dutch genever guzzling, yerba mate drinking, Malbec sipping, guitar playing, and other wholesome gaucho activities. We then tricked some chic New York startenders from the likes of Dram and Death & Co. into working at the pulperia. Everything was – like all Swervewolf experiences – completely on the house. Keeping cash around makes the Swervewolf operatives a little nervous.

So, Swervewolf hereby promises to continue bringing you new and even newer places to congregate and make merry, always keeping the drinks flowing and on the house. If you happen to be in Iceland this week during the Airwaves festival, look for the most mobile bar ever created, the Swervewolf Elf Rock, popping up in a hotel room or Geyser near you. And come Halloween, we’ll be back in New York for a five-day voodoun bar downtown. We not only guarantee that it’ll be a new venue, but that there will be models sacrificing live chickens in the name of Baron Samedi.

Check out a little compilation of the pulpería above. Until then, enjoy that hot new spot down the block, and keep on Swervewolfing.

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