Sweet & Vicious: Hanging with Honey Dijon in Los Angeles

In the run up to Sunday’s main event, the Gay Pride parade, I went to visit Miss Honey Dijon, the Chicago house DJ who is now a New Yorker. Miss Honey was playing at a party called Chocolate later in the evening, which was clear on the other side of town. I wasn’t sure I would make it that long, so I met her at a Mexican restaurant in Echo Park, where she was sitting with six or so of her favorite gay boyfriends.

It was a bit different than our usual meeting spot; Honey and I must’ve spend a few hundred hours standing on the corner of Second Avenue and Sixth Street bitchin’ and moanin’ about the state of New York nightlife. (Sample: “Did you go to that party last night?” “Yeah. It was tired, girl.”) I finally got the hell out but, she’s still there, DJing a few times a week including Sundays at Hiro.

Thus she was only in town for less than 24 hours (“hit it and quit it, girl”). We went for a quick drink at what we imagined would be a glamorous setting — the rooftop bar at the Standard Hotel. Instead, it being June gloom, it was gray and overcast, and we were greeted by some guy wearing a feather boa who was either an advanced inebriated state for that early hour (7 p.m.) or who was maintaining his inebriation from the night before. Either way, we didn’t get to find out, as we were turned down from entry since we didn’t get bracelets and were clearly way too cool for the trashy collection of souls inside.

So instead we sat downstairs and commented on the state of middle American fashion, watching the sad and the sadder stroll in and likely up to the much-vaunted rooftop. Honey, should her DJing career fall by the wayside, should consider a stand-up comedy career– razor sharp tongue, wit, and all.

Since most of us weren’t familiar with the crowd at the party that night, we talked about what she’d be playing. “Oh, I’m tired of Chicago,” she said, which sent shudders and gasps through our little group. Instead, she was favoring New York house, deep house, minimal, and techno. Honey wasn’t sure if the crowd would like it — techno usually throws a non-musically geeky crowd, and the gay boys are known for being more conservative musically than you’d expect. It turned out she needn’t have worried; they liked Honey quite a bit. She is, after all, sweet and delicious.

Chocolate is every second Saturday of the month at MJ’s.

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