Sundance Darling Parker Posey Becomes a Waitress!

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imageGlenn Close and Uma Thurman, left, quitting their day jobs?

The Sundance Institute is nothing if not casual. Its famous Sundance Film Festival is held not in Hollywood, but in the charming ski town of Park City, Utah. Its president, founder, and veritable mascot, Robert Redford, lives in his Levi’s. So it’s no surprise that at its benefit celebration Monday night at 583 Park Avenue, the signature drink was spiked lemonade, served in mason jars.

We got our first drink from Parker Posey—one of the many Sundance celebs serving the hooch. She thanked us for lightening her load (those mason jars must have been heavy!). We were almost finished with the first lemonade when Stanley Tucci spotted us. “Hey, finish that drink!” he chided, trying to get rid of the last one on his tray. So we chugged for Stanley Tucci, and as he handed us our second drink, he said “Now that’s my kind of woman.” (Okay, “we” is really just one person, which we didn’t want to let on, but if a famous person compliments you, you have to blog about it. It’s like a law.)

Other celeb staffers included Glenn Close (who didn’t mingle with the commoners too much, but was seen pouring lemonade), Oliver Platt (wearing a shirt that said “When life gives me lemons, I make trouble”), Lili Taylor, John Leguizamo, and Patricia Clarkson. Also spotted in the crowd: Sally Field, who later acted as emcee at the chicken pot pie dinner (no, really), a bloaty Amadeus—er, Tom Hulce—and, of course, Redford, who later introduced the cast of the Sundance Lab-bred Spring Awakening, who sang “Totally Fucked.” “Starting Sundance,” Redford reminisced, “I often felt totally fucked.” We’ll raise our mason jars to that! —Una LaMarche

Photo courtesy Patrick McMullan Company.