Your Sunday Night Superbowl Alternatives

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I don’t care about football. I couldn’t care less if the Seattle Broncos beat the Denver Seahawks. I can’t name a player by name—although I know a Manning is playing. Peyton? I know him and his brother from TV commercials. Bruno Mars as the halftime act doesn’t interest me—even if he has a wardrobe malfunction. I do know that the last place I would watch the game, if I was into the game, would be a sports bar. Things like this and the upcoming Oscars and such are best watched where you can see and hear. Why do I care if they have 50 HD TVs (!!!) when I only need one?

This all becomes a moot point anyway, as my birthday is this Sunday, February 2nd. Superbowl Sunday for me is SuperSteve Sunday! As I said the other day, I will be celebrating my continued disintegration into oblivion at Passenger Bar (229 Roebling) in my beloved Williamsburg. My party starts at 8pm. Superbowl kicks off at 6:30. I figure many of my friends will come right after halftime if the game is a bore or tight after the game.

Well, enough about me. There are two other soiree’s that are solid alternatives to watching the big game. The House of Xtravaganza is holding a benefit for Sonia Xtravaganza, who is recovering from brain surgery. This event will be at Cielo (18 Little West 12 Street.) A $10 donation is asked for. Danny Krivit will provide the music. Benny Soto and Karl Xtravaganza invited me, and they are top of the line fellas.

Susanne Bartsch and Kenny Kenny will celebrate Chinese New Years–which starts today—at their weekly party at Le Baron (32 Mulberry Street.) DJ Johnny Dynell will provide the sounds. This year is the year of the Horse. They’re still calling the party Vandam even though they have moved from that Grennhouse location that hosted the party for years. It does have a nice ring, even out of context.