Standard ToyKraft: An Outer-Borough Experience

I’m a bit of a Stevie-come-lately with this, and it’s even more embarrassing as I live 30 feet from the place. I just discovered Standard ToyKraft, a theatre and workshop at 722 Metropolitan Avenue (3rd Floor) in my beloved Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Standard ToyKraft and places like it are the reason I moved from Manhattan.

It is 2300 square feet of groundbreaking performance, and I don’t have to cross a street to get to it. For those of you who still don’t venture out of “the city” this is an easy trip. You take the L train three stops into Brooklyn, and you will find yourself within 100 feet from the joint. That’s 10 minutes from Union Square. You will find shock and awe. You will laugh. You will tear up. You will find yourself in an environment of stunning creativity.

The event I attended was the Andrew and Daniel Variety Show Fundraiser Spectacular. It was spectacular. It was a command appearance for me. I was dragged kicking and screaming to catch Hand Job Academy—friends of friends, and you know how that goes. Hand Job Academy are the real deal—hilarious, insightful female rappers who are anything but the Beastie Girls. This band will break big by the time I finish this blurb. Common Prayer another “band” were brilliant, with beautiful tracks and a great three song set.

Then there was insane puppetry from Eric Wright and Katrina Denny. Leila Ghaznavi and Pantea Productions did a wonderous excerpt from Beyond the Light. Sarah Elizabeth Grace’s Palsy and the Bells did a cover of Total Eclipse of the Heart, which brought us to painful laughter. Comedian/puppeteer Adam Ende did a Genesis 38 schtick that was a religious experience.  Every act brilliant, the atmosphere low key and informal. Check out their website HERE and get out there and enjoy. I’m going next Tuesday, January 28th for Puppet Sandbox #3.

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