Stalker’s Guide to ‘Gossip Girl’

imageAs ardent followers of Gossip Girl, we really don’t mind the plot inconsistencies, Chace Crawford’s limited acting range, or just how increasingly unwatchable all plots not even tangentially associated with Blair Waldorf have become. In fact, those three million of us who watch the show regularly are willing to overlook these discrepancies (and the kids’ nominal non-drinking age) so long as their nods to Manhattan nightlife are nothing short of sharp. Tracking the show’s eternal romp through the city has become something of a cottage industry.

Thanks to the New York Post, you can now follow (or perhaps fact-check?) the melodramatic BS. of B and S downtown, be it at pierogi hotspot Veselka, VIP club Socialista, or the ever posh Tory Burch on an interactive map. Wow, if only we’d thought of that … oh wait, we did! In fact, we did it twice.

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