Spice Girl Mel C Playing Mary Magdalene in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’

Ricky Martin isn’t the only ‘90s pop superstar (get it?) bringing an Andrew Lloyd Webber classic to the stage.

A new 40th anniversary UK tour production of Jesus Christ Superstar will feature Melanie Chisholm, best known as Sporty Spice from the Spice Girls, in the role of Mary Magdalene. Since her Spice Girl days, Mel C has been touring and making solo records, most recently The Night, an EP released just this week with club DJ Jodie Harsh. Joining her on stage for the tour, which hits theatres around the country this fall, will be Matilda: The Musical composer and comedian Tim Minchin as Judas Iscariot and BBC radio and television presenter Chris Moyles as King Herod.

Sound good? Starting to envy the British or save up for flights across the pond? There’s a whole ‘nother layer to it: the ITV network will be carrying a primetime show called Superstar, in which the people vote from a group of actor as to who will play the titular biblical role. Andrew Lloyd Webber will serve as a judge for the show. Somewhere, there is someone writing a strongly-worded letter of objection to all of this.

Real talk though, there will never be a Jesus as perfect as Ted Neely, or a Judas as brilliant as Carl Anderson. Observe:

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