Southwest Airlines Hasn’t Learned Enough From Kevin Smith

Has Southwest airlines learned nothing from the plight of Kevin Smith? Last February, the actor/director/permanent-adolescent-boy was told he was too big to fly on Southwest in a single seat and then took to the twitter to rage about it and create a micro-scandal. Now, the budget airline with the ugly color scheme has done it again, making news for telling a zaftig Houston woman that she was too fat to fly.

A ticket agent told Connie Gilroy that she was too large to fly when she was one her way back from a trip to the Bahamas with a friend. Gilroy had flown to her destination without a problem, but a ticket agent stopped her on the way back in Ft. Lauderdale and told her she would need to buy a second seat. The airline has apologized for the incident and said it will continue educating its employees. But really, wasn’t the annoying Smith incident enough for them to pull it together and come up with some sort of clear, consistent, and sensitive policy on this?

Meanwhile, a Russian model with size F breast implants is suing Swiss Airlines claiming the airline’s uncomfortable plane lead to one of her boob’s exploding. But perhaps that’s just the risk you take when you don’t buy your bosom a seat of its own.

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