South Africa Gets the Blues with ‘Avatar’ Nightclub

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Well, color us a Na’vi shade of bright blue: there is now an Avatar-themed nightclub opening in Rivonia, South Africa’s version of Sin City.

Cleverly named “Avastar” by club owner-slash-wannabe-mobster Mike Basson, the club features luminescent wallpaper of nearly naked Na’vi, imitation tree-of-life optic fiber chandeliers and, of course, Avatar-themed drinks. A Neytiri-tini on the rocks, anyone?

And it gets classier: the club’s opening was heralded by none other than the David Hasselhoff himself. Oh Hoff, when will you ever learn that Pandora Patrón and cheeseburgers just don’t mix? It’s a wonder the club hasn’t been slapped with a lawsuit-happy James Cameron yet, considering all Basson really did to change the look of his club’s logo was to make the pupil of the Na’vi eye a star-shape.

All aboard the PleasureKraft! After all, what happens in Avastar stays in Avastar!