Sophia Lamar Will Kill You @ Mr. Black

It’s rare that I’ll write about a night or a place more than once. In this case, I’ve already written about Mr. Black three times, and it’s not even four weeks old. But I have a really good reason. In New York nightlife, there are two ladies you would see a lot of around town; they were both post-op male-to-female transsexuals, and they had both achieved fame by being fabulous and fashionable and everywhere at the same time. They were downtown’s version of Paris Hilton, except far more interesting. One was Amanda Lepore, who’d been around since the Limelight/Michael Alig Days, and who was the muse of photographer David La Chappelle. The other was Sophia Lamar.

For a while they were inseparable. Then at some point they had a falling out, and New Yorkers were forced to choose a side — either Team Sophia or Team Amanda. Some of us were like Sweden; we had to remain neutral.

What’s so awesome about Ms. Lamar, who is a special guest tonight at Mr. Black LA? Everything. She’s a Cuban refugee, who is older and wiser in her years than your eyes would believe; she’s more fashion-forward than most of the women in clubs and is always wearing something that looks straight off a runway with a darker twist; she has a razor-sharp wit and a colorful personality that makes her one of the most novel people in nightlife. She’s performing live, but even if she were just standing in a corner looking amazing, we’d be fine with that, too. See her tonight @10 at Bardot.

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