Solo Sailing & Murderous Cruises

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In boat news today we’ve got two stories, one uplifting, and one, not so much. The first centers on a rather extraordinary teen, Zac Sunderland of southern California, who just sailed around the world by himself. He set sail a paltry 13 months ago, when he was still just a boy of 16. He returned yesterday to the Fisherman’s Village in Marina Del Rey, a full-fledged man of 17. Zac just might have set the world record for the youngest solo sailor in the world. The oldest of seven, Sunderland comes from a sailing family and seems to have taken to the seas like a duck to water. Zac had this to say about his 28,000-mile trip: “Society puts younger people into a kind of a box … nobody is expected to do much.” About school? His website assures that he is a year ahead in school, but also spent time reading and studying on the boat, so he still should be able to graduate early. In less charming news, a gentleman allegedly offed his spouse while aboard a “fun ship.”

Robert McGill of Winnetka, California, has been arrested for murdering his wife, Shirley McGill, while on a Carnival cruise ship headed to Cabo San Lucas. The head of the FBI’s San Diego office, Keith Slotter, tells the Associated Press it was a Carnival passenger who first contacted ship’s security Tuesday and expressed concern that Shirley McGill might be dead. Crew members went to the cabin and found her body. Robert McGill was not in the room but was later found and held in the ship’s brig by Carnival crew.” We have suspicions at this time of how it was conducted but until that autopsy is done I can’t comment,” Slotter said. Robert was walked off the ship by FBI agents and is expected to appear in US District Courts today.