Sneak Peek at Cipriani’s First Hotel in Beverly Hills

The last time I was in Beverly Hills, I was eating dinner on an outdoor patio when a street kid/beggar/actor came up and asked if I could help him out with some food. I had a basket of bread I was not going to eat, so I offered it to him. The bastard actually declined—turns out he was eyeing my pasta—then went along in his Armani jacket. I don’t blame him. There are great restaurants, many with outdoor spaces, in Beverly Hills (the city launched an annual food and wine festival last fall) and if I were a searching for scraps, I’d start there. The city’s culinary scene will get even better when Cipriani opens this spring in its very own branded hotel: Mr. C.

The hotel is still so new that they haven’t decided whether to name the signature restaurant the traditional “Cipriani” or give it a modern upgrade to “Mr. C,” but you can bet they’ll serve their classic dishes. The hotel itself will have 138 rooms with private balconies, an outdoor pool, and a top deck with panoramic views. Mr. C was conceptualized and designed by Ignazio Cipriani and Marcello Pozzi (an LA-based contemporary artist), and room rates will start at $429. There will also be five multi-level, residential-sized bungalows averaging 3,000-square feet, each with a private garden, kitchen, plunge pool, and views of Beverly Hills. Mr. C is a fitting addition to Beverly Hills. I’m sure the street kid who dissed me is completely stoked about it.

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