SLA Lays the Shutdown on Club Touch

Yesterday we ran a story about the State Liquor Authority going Big Brother on Paul Sevigny’s new Nolita hotspot Kenmare. Well today, the SLA flexed some of that muscle by actually shutting down Touch, one of those Midtown megaclubs we thought no one went to. The last time a club in Manhattan’s nighttime no man’s land was in the news was when Plaxico Burress put a bullet in himself at Latin Quarter. Now the New York Post is reporting that the SLA is coming down hard on Touch after frequent reports of the exact kind of stuff you expect goes on at a huge club in Midtown. Basically, a bunch of fights.

The SLA is citing several examples of bouncer barbarianism—one trouble maker was “allegedly dragged to the roof of building by security guards, where he was beaten for approximately 25 minutes, suffering a fractured shoulder, a broken nose and had wallet stolen”—to justify their actions.

For his part, owner Muhamet Nikezi thinks the brutality is rendered moot by various charitable functions held at the club in honor of “Albanian flood victims and Haitian relief efforts.” He also “vowed to fight the accusations at an SLA hearing next week,” not realizing that fighting is what got him here in the first place.

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