Six Tasty Ways to Extend National Vegan Day

Considering that it’s more a way of life than a “holiday,” it seems slightly inadequate that November 1st should be labeled as National Vegan Day – why not keep it going??? But even if you’re just dipping your toe in the meatless lifestyle, we’d like to lend as much encouragement as we can.

And so it is that we have teamed up with those gurus of healthy living over at Gilt City, for these tasty, exclusive deals…that are sure to guide you down the path of culinary enlightenment.




For the vegan who is just as much a romantic, this Mediterranean charmer on Irving Place features beamed ceilings, brick walls and dark woods. Small plates include celery with hummus, black fig & sea salt, yellow tomato gazpacho and Turkish manti with garlic yogurt & chili oil. Follow with a summer squash, bok choy, barley & romesco and cap it with a tasty rosemary olive oil loaf.

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Get it? D.C.? Policy? At this cheeky 14th Street nightspot, pair whiskey, wine and beer flights with bites from an exclusive Gilt City menu, including, of course, delicious vegan options.

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Buzz generating chef de cuisine Lewis Chan has become a vegan champion at Iron Chef Neal Fraser’s low-key-trendy BLD, with his Meatless Mondays and exclusive dishes like vegan pâté. Or just order up a scrumptious hemp seed crusted tofu from the Self Constructive Dinner menu, with sides of black kale and haricots verts.

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Santa Monica’s newest hotspot for the meatless set (courtesy of celeb chef Robert Martin), its soothing, zen-rustic interiors are a perfect backdrop for conscious dining. Start with hearts of palm & artichoke ceviche or the chef’s daily raw soup selection, followed by crabless cakes or a Mayan bowl with red quinoa, black bean and zucchini. Treat yourself to the decadent Black Beast flourless chocolate cake.

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Vegan doesn’t have to be just and ethical choice. DeliverLean also promises sexy and fit – for those who prefer a side of vanity with their consciousness. Vegan living guru Ella Magers has organized an exclusive SexyFitVegan meal plan (kale, quinoa & bing cherry salad; spinach-chickpea curry with roasted cauliflower) delivered straight to your door – including cold pressed organic juices.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of having a garden delivered right to your door…The Vegan Garden indeed ships throughout the States. Make a commitment to healthier living without cheating your poor taste buds; to wit, meal plans include everything from chili to gardino pizza to Bangkok Salad to Lasagna Napolitana to…chocolate chip cookies.

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