Show Some Love Valentine’s Night and Beyond

It’s a day to show some love and I am going to do that and ask for some in return– for myself and others. Valentine’s Day is a boon for restaurants that are packed out with lovers and wannabe lovers. But clubs may feel the pinch as these very folk forego the dancing and head straight (well not necessarily) home to show some love. The good news is that almost every person at your late-night spot of choice will be more single than ever. I’d like the New York Hospitality Alliance to show some love to the workers at restaurants who have just been awarded paid sick leave by our wonderful new Mayor Bill de Blasio. The Alliance is going all out to stop or amend this very good bill from Mayor Bill. They are throwing all sorts of fluff at the bill in an effort to dilute it. I support the bill completely. I want kitchen workers, waitrons and other restaurant and club staff to feel comfortable taking a lousy five days a year off with minimal pay when they are ill. I do not want sick employees handling the food. This law takes effect April 1st if the Alliance fails to impress. They say that’s too soon and of course we all know it will never be the right time for the greedy. Pay the poor people fairly and let them take a day off when they are sick… period. I mean show some love!

I need to show some love for club impresario Rudolf (Danceteria, Mars) who is in town escaping from the warm weather in his new country of Brazil. He designs and opens clubs for NYC brands down there. He says he’s the Steve Lewis of Brazil. I told him I wasn’t really Steve Lewis anymore. He visited me and showed me some love at the Sailor Jerry Rum tribute to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins at Otto’s Shrunken Head (538 E. 14th Street) last night. That joint has been around forever and it’s easy to see why. They are friendly, serve great drinks and have eclectic music programming and bands. I DJ’d and had a blast. After the gig we went to IHOP just down the road. Rudolf loved the food. We talked about Michael Alig, a mutual acquaintance, for a bit. Michael was just shown some love by the Department of Corrections who down graded his security status to Medium and moved him to Midstate Correctional Facility. I visited him a couple weeks ago and he was in good spirits and in the right mindset. I hope all the haters will, after 16 years in a bad place, find the heart and show him some love. I hope to visit him again soon.

I love to show some love to a new store Deth Killers which just opened at 348 Bowery at Great Jones. They had a killer party last Thursday that I wanted to attend but had to be elsewhere. Fashion Week is like that. They sell asphalt resistant jeans perfect for my biker friends. Scott Campbell and Greg Minnig are partners in this venture. This Bushwick-based enterprise has been around a dozen years showing love to riders like Kate Moss. Iggy Pop etc.

I need to show some love to DJ and diety Jonathan Toubin, my favorite DJ not named Paul Sevigny. He’s having a Valentine’s Sadie Hawkins Dance tonight at Home Sweet Home (131 Chrystie Street). There’s a Happy Bloody Valentine’s Day bash at Bushwick Country Club (618 Grand) and Meow Meow with DJs Carol Sharks and Josh McCuthcen at Over the Eight (594 Union Avenue) as I show some love to my beloved Brooklyn. Skinny Puppy will show some love after their show at an after party at Stimulate (85 Avenue A). Joy Rider invited me and I rarely say no to her. This is going to be a wild one. I need to show lots of love to George Wayne as he celebrates the end of Fashion Week with a party at Sofia (42 West 48th Street) hosted by Stassi Schroeder. It’s a three-day weekend for many and that always has big DJs showing love in big rooms. Danny Krivit will fill Santos Party House (96 Lafayette Street) with love while Chris Liebing will do the same for Output (74 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn). DJ Jonathan Peters will serve up some hard ass love at Sunday Service at Sankeys (29 West 36th Street). I’m going to stop now and go show my pillow some well-deserved love.

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