Shocker: Eccentric Rich Guy Moves into The Plaza

Wealthy old people. They’re everywhere in New York, especially at The Plaza. So it should come as no surprise that wealthy older person Steve Wynn has moved into the Plaza Hotel. The Vegas resort mogul, who’s credited with revamping Vegas and making it an exciting town where everyone can blow money, catch an STD, and eat at a celeb chef outpost, closed yesterday on a four-bedroom duplex condominium in the famed building for around $23 million. Just how big is the pad?

The penthouse apartment is a whopping 5,613 square feet, making it one of the biggest in the building. Wynn bought the apartment furnished—it has custom-built Italian furniture by Giorgetti that was brought in a couple years ago when architect Gal Nauer, daughter of an Israeli billionaire (only rich people in this story!), spent six months giving the interior a total overhaul. The 20th-floor apartment has nine rooms, a private elevator, a 24-foot-long terrace facing Central Park for sundown Belve martinis, and, we’re guessing, plenty of wall space. Wonder if Wynn will decorate it with the priceless Picasso his elbow put a hole through a few years back.

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