Shady Business at Sunglass Hut!

Consider this dream: I’m in a small SoHo boutique, say, Sunglass Hut. Twinkling pairs of designer shades surround me. Beside me is my favorite “Gossip Girl” Michelle Trachtenberg and together we are tirelessly trying miles of them on, rummaging through cases of them. Thankfully, I live in New York and things like this occur rather frequently. Yesterday, Trachtenberg, Gen Art, and BlackBook’s Fashion Director Elizabeth Sulcer came together in SoHo’s reinvented Sunglass Hut to host the launch party for Gen Art’s 10th Anniversary Styles Runway and Awards Show. Trachtenberg busied herself with the exploration of the sleek black-and-white interior of the store, perusing the endless selection of eyewear. I jumped at the chance to try the Dolce & Gabbana, Tiffany & Co., and Sunglass Hut’s “Glam New York” collections.


The small space was brimming with chic guests sipping champagne, eating tray snacks, and watching previous GenArt’s Styles Runway and Awards shows, careful to point out contributing designers such as “Project Runway” winner Jay McCarroll, Peter Som, Rodarte, Lulu Frost, and Sari Gueron.


It didn’t exactly fall in line with my dream—Trachtenberg didn’t actually shop with me, per se, and Sulcer wasn’t offering her professional opinion—but as I spilled out into the warm spring weather with the stylish guests posing on SoHo street corners with their new glittering shades, it certainly felt dreamlike.

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