See the Trailer for Kristen Wiig’s Sleeper-Hit-to-Be, ‘Bridesmaids’

Paul Feig is the unsung hero of the Judd Apatow Boys Club. He co-created Freaks and Geeks with Apatow, and has since gone on to small-screen successes, directing, writing, and exec-producing for such shows as The Office, Nurse Jackie, Bored to Death. Arrested Development, Parks and Rec, Weeds, and pretty much everything else worth watching on TV that’s come out in the last five years. Well, now he’s got a movie on his hands, Bridesmaids, which is being marketed as a femme-centric addition to the Apatow oeuvre.

Judging by Feig’s excellent track record, and the fact that Kristen Wiig is damn funny, the movie should, in theory, be great. But unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t provide much evidence in support of that postulation. In fact, it looks just like a regular chick-flick, with the addition a couple Rogen-esque fart jokes. Not a great combo. But who knows, maybe they saved all the good jokes for the film.

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