Saturday Night: Rohin Guha’s ‘Relief Work’ at Rose Live Music

This Saturday 1/8, beloved one-time BlackBook writer Rohin Guha will be reading from his new chapbook, Relief Work, at Brooklyn’s Rose Live Music. And he won’t be alone; joining the lineup are B.C. Edwards, Matthew Gallaway, Jason Helm, and Richard Lawson. There will be cupcakes and live music. So what’s Relief Work about, you ask?

According to the publisher, the book concerns “vomit, Steve Madden shoes, diarrhea, and the euphemism ‘eat-hole’ … blow jobs, teenagers, mothers, grandmothers, ghost dogs leaving ghost shits …” Sure there are some higher and lower truths involved, but you don’t want the steak without the sizzle, right? Anyway you should go, since it’s only five bucks at the door which gets you a drink to start off with. And it goes without saying that you should buy the book, but I’m saying it anyway.

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