Sarah Palin Finds a Home, Maybe with Oprah

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The end is near. After much back and forth, it looks like the Sarah Palin reality show has found its channel. Variety reports that Sarah Palin’s realtiy show has found a home/train-wreck-setting in the Discovery Channel, reportedly for a cool $1 million an episode. And, here’s the fun part: Since Discovery Channel owns the soonish-to-launch Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), there’s a chance that Palin’s show could air on the Oprah channel, if Discovery spreads its pricey new baby across multiple networks.

Sure, Palin and the Queen got along swimmingly post-election when they sat down last fall to chat about Palin’s book, Going Rogue, but it would still be pretty ironic for the show to air on OWN. It’s sure to be a train wreck and one that viewers will flock to for one of two reasons: A) they’re tea-partying fans of Palin or B) they hate Palin and they’re indulging in some TV schadenfreude. Either way, it’s not quite the “live your best life” stream, we (and probably big O), imagined for her channel. But, with Oprah quitting her talk show in 2011, and according to a recent NY Mag piece her soon-to-launch channel’s programming only “vaguely defined,” the Palin family dramas just might end up on Oprah’s channel.