Santiago Dispatch: Loving Ritz Carlton Santiago’s Carmenere Wine Bath

After spending a week in the desert, all I really wanted was a hot bath and a bottle of wine. I guess I got what I asked for at Ritz Carlton Santiago. Even though W Santiago opened almost two years ago (awesome rooftop bar scene, btw), I stayed at the Ritz because it’s kind of like my second home here in Santiago. The first time I checked in, four years ago, my friend and I splurged and got rooms on the executive floor, which basically included unlimited wine in the Club (we had almost gotten killed in a car accident in Puerto Montt, so alcohol was the only thing on our minds). The staff was young and streamlined and pretty much got us anything we asked for. Then I returned again two years ago and was introduced to the Carmenere Wine Bath. I was long overdue for a reunion.

While you’re checking out the Fashion Museum or bar-crammed Constitucion or having dinner at Pasta E Vino at the new Aubrey hotel, a bath butler will swing by your room and fill your tub with Chile’s finest red wine, Carmenere, add some mineral water, a handful of oats (for exfoliation) and top it off with bubble bath. Oh, and of course, there’s lit candles and a glass of Carmenere waiting for you. It’s awesome, and Ritz Carlton is the only hotel to offer this in Chile (you would think copy cats would have followed suit by now). But it’s not all about being pampered. Wine is full of antioxidants and complex amino acids that help moisturize, so you’re doing your body a favor by eliminating toxins and killing off free radicals. Who would have thought? It also leaves your skin silky smooth. Anyway, vinotherapy rules and Ritz Carlton never disappoints.

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