Santa Monica Loosens Up for a Pub Crawl

Maybe this makes me an alcoholic, but one of the biggest bummers about Los Angeles nightlife is that whole no-drinking-and-driving thing. I know there are people who do it (for shame), so I live my life relatively un-sauced, because I stick to my one-drink minimum. This weekend, my hood, Santa Monica, normally the province of the most boring happenings this side of the Upper West Side, is hosting a bonafide Pub Crawl, it’s very first. In accordance with merriment and cheer, the participants are asked to dress festively (elves, Santa, reindeer, you get the drift), while they drunkenly trawl around town. Admission is a can of non-perishable food to be donated to the Westside Food Bank. And apparently, they are serious about that Merry outfit thing: you will be given a Santa hat to wear if you come merry-less.

The crawl starts at the Pier at 5 p.m. and has three different routes — one starts at Rusty’s, winds it way through Brit faves, Ye Olde King’s Head, winds its way toward the Promenade to The Yard and snakes over to the Hotel Shangri-La where there will be an afterparty. (There’s gonna be some food at some of these stops to fill your booze-filled belly). Others start further south —Enterprise Fish Co. (Already a favorite around these parts) and World Cafe—before converging at the Shangri La.

The whole drinking and driving thing is conveniently shuttled by the Big Blue Bus, the city’s timely and reliable bus system (I use, people laugh, but I use it). Saturday at 5.

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