Santa Monica Dispatch: Fairmont’s Exhale Spa Finally Open

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I wanted just one day of sun before flying home to an ice-box Atlanta for the holidays. Atlanta was expecting some gnarly snowstorm (my flight was canceled three days prior, as it was already declared a potential shitshow). So I made a beeline to Santa Monica, skipping LA central altogether due to that freak rainstorm, only to learn it was just as wet over here. This was perhaps a blessing in disguise as I discovered there’s an Exhale Spa in the fancy Fairmont Miramar hotel. Hey if you’re going to be cooped up indoors, why not make some use out of that membership you never seem to use. The spa was kind of all over the place—Studio in the Lobby floor, Reception on the 2nd Floor, treatment rooms in actual hotel guest rooms—as a two month renovation had interrupted the Spa’s yin and yang and chi and groove. But Exhale members and hotel guests can finally, well, exhale, as renovations finished this past weekend.

Exhale has a cult following, and every core fusion class always hurts (in a good way of course). The beauty of this Exhale spa is that there’s access to all the hotel’s spa amenities, like the pool, jacuzzi, gym and steam room. Not bad considering one class is only $24 ($20 for hotel guests). After my class, I went straight to Fig, which is so not your typical Fairmont hotel restaurant. It’s a buzzing, hip farm-to-table, organic-friendly restaurant where the new turkey buffalo wings were probably not the best thing to order after 60 minutes of core exercise. I’m sure I’ll eat worse through the rest of my holiday.