Russian Dissidents Fall Victim to Honey Trap

The sad truth is some things—Rocky movies, Olympic rivalries, twisted government plots—were just better before the fall of the Soviet Union. Thankfully, it appears the Kremlin has revived an old KGB tactic known as a “honey trap” to target Russian dissidents.

Sex tapes belonging to five Russian opposition leaders were recently leaked to Russian websites. It appears the tapes were filmed without their consent after the men were lured back to an apartment rigged with video cameras. “The scale of the operation is stunning,” says Ilya Yashin, one of the men targeted. “It is a real special operation … it looks like hundreds of thousands of US dollars were spent on it.” Yashin claims at least a dozen men fell into these “honey traps,” but not all the videos have been put up on the internet yet.

Yashin stepped into a honey trap two years ago when he encountered a lady known as “Katya.” The unmarried Yashin dated her for about a month. All was well until things started getting kinky. “I didn’t suspect anything until drugs and sex toys were brought out,” he says. “Instinctively, I felt something was wrong and left.” But by that time, he’d already been caught on candid camera.

Yashin claims the Kremlin is behind the honey traps and has asked prosecutors to investigate. In Soviet Times, the KBG often used honey traps (aka “vaginas”) to compromise Western officials. Just last year, the method was used to target a British deputy consul-general, who had to resign after some embarrassing videos surfaced on the internet.

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