Russian Airlines Release Softcore Ads

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Advertising campaigns for budget airlines know no bounds. Last week, Spirit Airlines aired oil leak ads. Now this, a two-minute ad for cheapo Russian airline Avianova featuring flight attendants miraculously freed from their uniforms so they can give the plane an erotic wash in string bikinis. It makes that Paris Hilton/Burger King ad look subtle.

The ad opens with cheesy visual effects showing a plane flying and then landing. A cheery showgirls tune starts up in the background. The plane hits the runway. The most phallic hose thing-a-ma-jig ever shoots a stream of water over the aircraft. More cum shots follow. Then, four leggy flight attendants in uniform emerge from the plane. We use the term “uniform” loosely here; they’re sort of stripper interpretations of flight attendant uniforms. Suddenly there are firemen there too, happily watching the women step down from the plane and walk the runway like, well, a runway. In a four-way split screen, reminiscent of super amazing 80s editing technology, we quickly see the ladies freeing themselves from their pesky uniforms. Suddenly, they’re liberated, wearing bright orange and teal bikinis, and carrying buckets and mops. The firefighters look on eagerly. These girls are going to have some major cleaning to do. The get to work cleaning the plane, or at least climbing up on ladders that afford shots of their bottoms from below. They get so wet and sudsy cleaning the plane, why, it hardly seems the plane itself gets wet or sudsy at all. End scene. A flight attendant says something in Russian that we can only imagine translates to, “Flying this airline is so great, it makes me wet.” The end.

Avianova began operating last year, with flights priced as low as 250 rubles ($8).

Not to be outdone by Avianova’s sexy ad, another Russian airline, Aeroflot, is planning on sending out a 2011 calendar of nude flight attendants to its VIP loyalty program customers. Check out those very friendly, NSFW skies here.