Rump-Shakin’ Friday Night on Flatbush

All right folks, if you’re like me you know that with the start of August comes that looming feeling that summer is almost over and leaving you wondering what you have been doing for the past two months. Well tonight, I recommend starting the night by joining in on a rooftop BBQ. You do know someone with a roof don’t you? In any case, plan a nice meal out with some friends to congregate over a few (or several) beers, ‘cause once it pops it don’t stop, summer! You’ll sit there with friends sharing some laughs, talking about your plans for the future and how this time you’re actually going to get off your ass and start doing shit. The time is now. Once you’ve had your revelations about the life you want, you’ll be feeling good and, chances are, looking good, too. I love what you’re doing with your hair!

Believe me when I say you’ll want hit the dance floor over at FreeCandy where Brooklyn-based DJ collective Astro Nautico have been throwing the freshest monthly parties your rumps simply cannot miss. Nestled in a former parking garage space in Prospect Heights, the venue is decked out with art, neon, neon art, and a giant projection area (which on this night Paul Jones will be manning the visuals for). Oh yeah! There’s a bar, just follow the neon to the glowing sign that reads FREE CANDY. The booze, however, is not free but still well priced for your dwindling bank account. You are sure to be engulfed by the lights, the vigor, perhaps a cute dancing buddy, and, of course, the music.

Residents Obey City, Kuhn, and Paul Jones have brought along guests by the likes of Falty DL B2B Dave Q, Mess Kid, Jacob 2-2, Lotide to share in this very special evening. The Astro boys have come a long way from the days of their infamous Over The Top parties at Cameo Gallery in 2010 and are going for gold straight into the future, electrifying dance floors across the globe.

If you are still feeling the effects from the full moon this week, then your energy is likely soaring, making tonight’s decision simple: forget everything, it’s time to dance. 

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