Rose Byrne Tries to Remember Her Favorite NYC Bar

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Damages star Rose Byrne claims to be more of a foodie than a bar-hopper, but when I asked her what her favorite New York restaurant is, she names Barrio Chino, the Lower East Side tequila bar. Why? “Fantastic margaritas … and guacamole and chips,” said the Australian native, in town to promote her upcoming role alongside Nicolas Cage in the apocalyptic thriller Knowing. “Also Freemans, but it’s really hard to get a table.”

Byrne currently lives in Los Angeles, but spent two years in New York, doing most of her time downtown. As for her aversion to New York’s notorious nightlife scene, the actress realized she’s denying her own heritage. “I know, it’s pretty boring and very un-Australian of me. You need to ask my man. He’s the one who gets home at six in the morning. I’ve got to work.” But there was one watering hole Byrne is particularly fond of, if only she could remember its name. “It’s called … fuck! It’s like the only remaining dive bar in the Village. It’s low-key, and you don’t have to line up. You can just walk into the bar and have a beer. It’s like 1322 Hudson, maybe Hudson and 10th? It’s right near Employees Only, like north of there.” Could she be talking about Automatic Slim’s? Suggestions welcome.