Rome Imposes Fishy Laws

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The city of Rome has recently enacted a ban on eating and drinking near its famous monuments. In a place where gelato is plentiful and wine is as cheap as soda, this new regulation just seems cruel. Violators face charges of up to $80, and several people have already been slapped with hefty fines for savoring food and beer on the iconic Spanish Steps. While the ban seems a bit extreme, this isn’t the first time the Italian capital has gone ban-anas.

In 2005, city officials banned goldfish bowls, the giving away of goldfish at fairs, and keeping goldfish in bowls. To this day, Roman officials still don’t have a reason for this fishy rule, although Roman newspaper Il Messaggero cites the round bowls as a cause of blindness in fish. City councilor Monica Cirinna took a more noble approach. “It’s good to do whatever we can for our animals who in exchange for a little love fill our existence with their attention. The civilization of a city can also be measured by this.” Nevermind history, gastronomy, or art — Rome’s legacy will be the curbing of fish blindness.