Roll With Friends at Brooklyn Bowl

Think bowling’s old fashioned? Then grab the guys and experience New York’s ultra-modern take on tenpin, with alleys that double as nightclubs and rooms inspired by Manhattan icons. Brooklyn Bowl is set in a converted ironworks, with plenty of room for your whole crew to cheer, drink beer, and do the stay-out-of-the-gutter dance.

After feeling the thrill of victory–or the agony of defeat–step into the adjacent concert venue, where everyone from M.I.A. to Snoop to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will have your mates bouncing to the beat. The Blue Ribbon crew serves food that’s a major step up from standard alley fare, so elbow each other aside for ribs and oyster po’ boys. Just remember to eat with your non-bowling hand, as that blackened catfish can make the ball slip off your fingers and onto your toes. Guys’ night out has come of age.

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[Photo: John Walker]

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