Ridley Scott Planning Alien Sequels

After such unvarnished turds as Alien Resurrection and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, it’d be easy to think of the Alien series as officially defunct. Ridley Scott did. “I sat thinking about the franchise, which died on the road way back and was lying in the dust and I thought, ‘What I should do is go back. . .’” To whit, Scott is currently planning to make not one, but two Alien prequels. He spilled a number of details at last weekend’s Hero Complex Film Festival in LA.

Apparently the new installments will revolve around a creature known to hardcore fans as the “space jockey.” Appearing in only one scene in 1979’s Alien, the creature was massive, long-dead, and covered in some sort of exoskeleton. As for its origins, the film is completely mum. “No one ever asked that question: What’s the story there?” said Scott. “I was always surprised that people didn’t ask that one. Now we’re going to answer that question. To me, a prequel is interesting, much more interesting than a sequel.”


If nothing else, it’ll be more interesting than Scott’s recent offereings. After films like A Good Year, Body of Lies, and Gladiator 2 (also known as Robin Hood), it can be easy to forget Scott directed Alien and Blade Runner so many moons ago.

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