Resident Remix: Jesse Marco @ Avenue

He used to be DJ AM’s protégé and Mark Ronson’s intern. At 22 Jesse Marco has already racked up an impressive resume and though he has taken up residency, in New York City’s lounge-du-jour Avenue on Thursday nights, but his long-term plans defy time and place. The powerhouse kid DJ is actually a man with a plan, angling to become a household name like his predecessors, by collaborating with artists like Peter Bjorn and John on one-of-a-kind remixes. “A DJ is a leader and a risk taker,” he says with a boyish charm. “Music is a language; the way a DJ plays it is like slang, in a way.”

How did you get into DJing? When I was about 12 I got a pair of turntables because my best friend had them and I was very intrigued by the way he could manipulate the sound of the records he played. From there it just progressed falling in love with music and seeing (even working with) DJs like Premier and Jam Master Jay, Mark Ronson, and AM. After working for Mark doors were opened for me and I practiced my ass off. Eventually AM took notice, and I guess here I am.

What’s your favorite part of DJing? Seeing the crowd respond to something creative I’ve done. Emotionally taking people up and down, keeping them on their toes, surprising them–breaking new records. Music is a language. The way a DJ plays it is like slang in a way. Traveling is an amazing benefit as well.

What’s the most annoying part of Djing? Playing terribly overplayed records for people you’d assume would have great taste. The super cool celeb-type is a good example.

Stoli Filthy Dirty Marco Martini

3 Parts Stoli® 1/2 Part olive juice

Combine ingredients and shake well. Serve up in a chilled martini glass. Garnish with olives on a cocktail pick (4 small/2 big).

BlackBook’s Resident DJ program sees six of NYC’s best resident DJs playing bartender as the remix their own specialty Stoli cocktails. To watch a video of Jesse Marco mixing a Stoli Filthy Dirty Marco Martini, click here. And for more interviews, recipes, and videos, click here.

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