Replace Four Loko with Naturally Caffeinated Beer

So, Four Loko was banned, and I couldn’t care less. Not that I’m in favor of the government deciding what adult citizens should or shouldn’t put in their bodies. It’s just that the drink never appealed to me, what with the fact of it being so gross. But for those already mourning their Four Loko buzz, even as they continue to nurse their Four Loko hangovers, never fear, there are other options. Consider fun-looking, naturally-caffeinated beers, like the fantastic new Brooklyn Brewery/Stumptown coffee collaboration, Brooklyn Intensified Coffee Stout.

Even if these coffee-beer hybrids get banned too, you can always go old school, and simply mix caffeine and booze yourself. Whatever happened to good old Irish coffee, rum and coke, and vodka and red bull? And yes, I know that Four Loko had as much caffeine as six cups of coffee, not one. But seriously, if you really need six cups of coffee to get you going, you’re better of doing hard drugs.

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