Refinery 29’s Connie Wang Gives Us Her Nightlife Ins & Outs

Connie Wang is a global editor at online fashion hub  Refinery 29, and disproves the Devil Wears Prada axiom; that in order to get ahead in fashion journalism, you have to be cutthroat and Wintour-ian. In fact, in her two-plus years at the site, Ms. Wang’s good-natured sense of fun and whip-smart writing helped catapult Refinery 29 out of the realm of "fashion blog" and into a nation media empire. Just read her posts, from a "Trend We’ve Made Up" to odes to cats that look like Park and Recreation‘s Ron Swanson, and you’ll see a fashion editor who has serious chops, but isn’t afraid to have a bit of fun, too. Here, she answers some of life’s most pressing questions.

Best bar when money is tight:  "Lucy’s in the East Village. The musty smell might drive you bananas at first, but a couple bottom-shelf whiskey gingers will clear that right up (also meet Lucy, who’s the sweetest bartender, ever)."

Place or bar whose name immediately induces hangovers: "I used to spend a lot of time at the bar directly underneath my old apartment, Fish Bar. The bartender there is as free with the liquor as she is with her stories about hooking up with ’90s indie musicians. That place will forever be synonymous with a four-Advil morning."

Best place for a covert makeout session: "In one of the rooftop lounge chairs at Le Bain. It’s a strange sensation to have both the city and astroturf below your feet."

My favorite guilty pleasure place:  "As much as I’ll pretend I hate this spot, I have to say that La Caverna in the Lower East Side has a special place in my heart. Where else can you dance in a space with glittery pink foam stalactite ceilings, watch people fall into the fountain placed haphazardly in the middle of the room, and always know the DJ will play "Remix to Ignition" before last call?

My favorite jukebox/DJ/bartender who plays great music: "My roommate, who mans the iPod at our apartment, before we go out. It’s a very exclusive party, ends by 11, and always involves a cross-genre mashup of K-Pop, Top 40 hip-hop, and Celine Dion."

Alcohol you won’t see me drinking: "Spiced rum. Who wants to relive junior high, really?"

Where you might find me a night off (or on?): "On my nights off, you can find me wearing spectacularly unattractive pajamas watching Netflix in bed. When I’m feeling extra-fancy, I like to pour myself a mug a Champagne for a touch ofclass.

Hands down, best drink in NYC, and you can quote me on it: "Though I’ve never had it during the nighttime, Prune‘s clam-infused Bloody Mary is my favorite thing to drink.

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