Radiohead Deliver ‘The King of Limbs’ Album and Lotus Video

“It’s Friday… It’s almost the weekend… It’s a full moon….” all legitimate reasons – perhaps in order of importance — that Radiohead gave for releasing their new album The King of Limbs a day early, after announcing its completion only a week ago. On Monday the band revealed that the album was finished, ready to go and would arrive on Saturday. But in a pleasant twist, Yorke and crew have premiered the album today, just to say: TGIF.

According to an official statement, “With everything ready on their website, the band decided to bring forward the release rather than wait until the previously announced date of Saturday, Feb. 19 to deliver the music.” We’d prefer to stick with “Friday” “almost the weekend” and “it’s a full moon.” But, yeah – that’s cool too.

Radiohead also unveiled the visuals for their new single ‘Lotus’ and Thom Yorke’s dance moves are certainly ideal for celebrating the full moon this weekend.

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