Prince Harry’s Wild Vegas Weekend

Prince Harry, known in England’s poshest circles as ‘the cute one,’ is living up to his reputation of being the bad boy of the British monarchy. He partied in Vegas this weekend, lost some money, rode a motorcycle, and rocked a Kings of Leon-styled neckerchief. 

Harry, who is in the US for military training, hit Tryst nightclub early Saturday morning where he did the VIP thing by hanging out in his own section and hitting on a blond woman. People does some groundbreaking reporting, claiming he “danced seductively with her,” describing their proximity to each other like an 89 year old woman would, stating there was “zero daylight visible between their bodies.”   

He also jumped on the lap of his security guard, fell off, tipped back Grey Goose, and hit on another girl. So basically, just you’re average night at da club.  It was just like The Hangover, except not. He also hit the tables. "He lost $300 gambling on Saturday morning, and his friends lost $200. "He couldn’t believe you got free
 drinks from gambling at the blackjack tables," says the mag. On Saturday, the royal ginger checked out Cirque Du Soleil’s O at 
the Bellagio.

However, the best part of his weekend had to be prior to even getting to Vegas. Harry took to the open road of Arizona on a Harley this past Friday. The picture above will be the best thing you see all week. 

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