Pride and Junior and BPM, Oh My!

Pride is upon us and we all should be proud. One of the events I am looking forward to is the legendary DJ Junior Vasquez this Sunday at BPM (516 West 42nd Street). Junior has been away and now he is back. We will talk to him next week and let you know all the details. For now he will let his skills do all the talking.

Years ago when I would enter the Sound Factory or Twilo where he was the deity I would ask the doorman “what kind of mood is he in?” Junior was a moody fellow and depending on his mood swings we would be subjected, enlightened, scolded, or slapped. It was his house and he told us what to do in it. We all obeyed. We knew that he was one of the greatest DJs of all time and that we would look back at this time as we looked back at Paradise with Larry Levan before Junior and we would know…

So this Sunday we will once again see what kind of mood Junior is in and see, well hear, what this great artist has to show us. I have goose bumps. Lydia Rhodes and Jason Walker will perform.

BPM is the latest, and, may I offer, greatest incarnation of the Out Hotels nightclub. Susan Buckley is the vice president of food and beverage operations and managing partner of BPM. I asked her to tell us all about it.

With Pride right here tell me about what the Out Hotel complex plans?

We have a series of FUN events at BPM Nightclub- this Friday CLICK (our weekly party) has three top talents, Tony Moran, Ivan Gomez and Wayne G. spinning. Saturday at THE OUT Hotel we have GRILL OUT, BBQ, burgers, boys and beer on the hotel’s great lawn. At our restaurant KTCHN on Saturday we have a Special Gay Pride Edition of HAUS OF MIMOSA brunch. Then of course we end with a very special set at BPM with Junior Vasquez.

At one point Out was labeled a “gay” hotel, then it was to be considered mixed. What is the deal? Can something be one thing? Are there corporate event considerations?

The hotel is gay owned, but the clientele is a fusion of both straight and gay. In today’s world, I don’t think anything needs to be one way– that would take all the fun out of it! With 14,000 square feet of event space, we host many corporate functions.

OMG OMG OMG. Junior is spinning this Sunday after he took some time off. What can we expect? In booking him are you booking an old school legend or an old school legend who is current, even forward?

NYC can expect one hell of a party that night. Junior is NYC. By far one of the most talented DJs ever. Uniquely New York… He has partnered with BPM to produce a night of music, love and energy. His decades of work and his music genius will be showcased here for Pride once more. He is a legend from back in the day and a legend for the future as well. Junior is so much fun to work with and I am very excited about this collaboration.

 “NYC Pride” is trademarked. Isn’t this a bit strange?

Yes, I have read that it is trademarked. I do not know all the details, BPM did partner with the NYC Pride organization for our Friday CLICK event.

Tell me about the Out, your role and what you have done to keep the property viable and wonderful.

My role is to keep it fresh, make it fun. I have the help of some of the most talented and creative people in the industry. We continue to bring new things to the venue… Cabaret with Billy Porter, Lady Gaga at Club BPM, Grill Out, Summer Share and fabulous art and floral exhibitions in our lobby… much more to come!

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