Pity the Plight of the Political T-Shirt Vendor

imageImagine you’re a street merchant selling election paraphernalia, and you’ve been making bank. Well, come tomorrow, the party’s over. All that clever sloganeering that pops up along the street-vendor corridor on 17th Street between Broadway and Fourth Avenue and Union Square may or may not dramatically scale back after the election. According to the New York Observer, the small army of street vendors have flooded Union Square’s plaza over the past months are unsure about employment after the election. You know, because the T-shit sales business is so stable otherwise.

Jeremy Marquez moved to Gotham in October and has found success with his Obama tanks and tees. He’ll stay after the election. Alex Mahgoub has been unloading about 5 T-shirts a day, but will likely wrap up business tomorrow. “If we sell 15 today, that will be pretty amazing,” Mr. Mahgoub said. “Even though it’s Monday before the election the question is are people buying T-shirts or are they getting excited and motivated to vote tomorrow?” Vendor Karim Pertew’s most popular T-shirts — the “Buddha Obama” and “OmBama” designs — have been strong sellers. He’ll still carry them post-election, but plans to return to non-political designs, like his ever popular “Vagina is for Lovers.”

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