Perez Hilton & Larry Tee Tangle with the Right Wing

imageThe clubs of Los Angeles are going to be hit with the sounds of quite a collaboration, that of L.A. gossip maven Perez Hilton and New York club king Larry Tee. The two have joined forces to put out a single that is sure to get tongues wagging — especially tongues belonging to right-wing anti-gay types. Video after the jump.

The song’s called, “My Penis,” (what else, really, do you expect from these two?), and the video features the illustration of Milkfat’s Michael Mouris, he of the fabulous animations featuring fictional phone calls of all our favorite celebrities.

Sample lyrics: “My Penis is online / My penis is on TV / 7 million people a day enjoy my penis / My penis … My genius penis.”

Besides repeating the words “my penis” over and over, it also name-drops a certain talk show queen. Fresh off his stunning Miss USA moment in the spotlight, wherein he asked Miss California about gay marriage and she totally gave the wrong answer, Perez’s is directing his activist ire at Elizabeth Hasselbeck by namedropping her in the song (as in, “Elisabeth Hasselbeck discusses my penis.”)

Says the ever-excitable Tee about the song on his new Ultra Records disc Club Badd (out next week), “We wanted to tweak a conservative icon. Who has EVER written about her in such a cool song?”

He explains the lyrics for the song thus: “it IS a metaphor. ‘My PENIS,’ it’s like bragging about his fame, status, power, etc. I mean we also take on conservative-leaning Newsweek, too, with the ‘Newsweek is on my dick’ line. Next up, Rush Limbaugh and the Drudge Report.”

Coming soon in Tee’s line-up: “My Pussy” by Amanda Lepore. No, we’re not making this up.

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