Penis Grafitti Now in Book Form

What lay waiting on my desk this morning? Oh, just a box-fresh review copy of a lovely little art book called New York Dick. You know all those posters and traffic signs and other landmarks you see on the street that have been defaced by drawings of penises in black magic marker? Well, the immature genius Galen Smith has compiled photos of the best of these graffitos and put them in book form.

New York Dick is somehow the apotheosis of everything that’s both wrong and right in America. It at once represents our warped desire to elevate 1am drunk scrawls to the level of art, our culture’s taste for lowest-common-denominator humor, and our endless ability to creatively tap the genitalia well. The book chronicles the occasionally arresting success of pen + ink juvenalia, the odd urban beauty of a squirting penis, effortlessly rendered.

Smith did a good job curating this collection. Not all the dicks will haunt your dreams, but most will make you smile. At the very least, you’ll be reminded of the the age-old adage that no two penises are ever alike.

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